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She presses him for the whereabouts of the man know as Darius but it's impossible to for tell her the truth. So, he puts on a show. His cursed form is known to be a surly and sarcastic little bastard and he makes use of that attitude towards her but she refuses to give in. She stops asking about Darius, yes, but in place she takes up a far more dangerous mission.

She speaks to him with warmth and he to her as well. She buys him a puppy because he needs a familiar and she touches him with kindness and the gentleness of a woman who desires a man. But he is not for her. The only reason she wants him is because cupid shot her with an arrow But what if she wasn't. What if he was cursed by fates and what if he could be free to love her? Would and could she ever forgive his deceit?

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This book was fantastic. The cover will have you believe this is an easy rom-com and while it certainly had it's funny parts, at the heart of the story is pain, longing and theme of forgiveness. We'll start with the hero because he was the focus of the story.

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Once arrogant and vain, he is now tortured and far more wiser. He may present a surly and grumpy front to the world at large but those who know him can see kindness in his heart. He has a few god friends but he still withholds himself emotionally from them and in a lot of ways, allows a build up of resentment because they won't push past the walls he's erected. He fells in love with the heroine on sight but the road he must walk, having her close to him daily but forbidden to have for his own, is hard and wrought with heartache and a great deal of pain. He tries so hard to distance himself from her, not because it's something he wants but something he needs.

She'd never fall in love with him as he is now even if she didn't have a fated love in her future.

He had such sadness about him and the heroine saw it, felt it and it drew her to him because she was just as lonely. The heroine was a woman who refrained from human contact as well and related to the short man. Their relationship was strained and complex as she did love him, just not knowing the little man and her blonde god were the same soul.

But as time went on she could start to see the heart of the little man and she fell in love with him more deeply than the blonde god because the emotion was built on something other than lust. The moral of the story was lovely and true and the book was written in a way that made it easy to follow. I anticipate what's next from this author because she certainly has a give for characterization.

Nov 21, Holley rated it really liked it. A little slow getting started, but cute none the less. Completely Smitten is a modern story featuring the ancient immortal hero Darius, a champion of the original Olympics. Long ago, nearly three thousand years in the past, Dar got a little smart with The Fates, those three Greek deities who determine everyone's fate, whether mortal or immortal.

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As punishment, he has to match up one hundred couples. Yes, Cupid comes into this story, too -- as Darius's nemesis. When the story opens, Darius is stuck in a rut after matching up couple ninety-nine. He's i Completely Smitten is a modern story featuring the ancient immortal hero Darius, a champion of the original Olympics.

He's in the dumps because it's taken him so long to get within spitting distance of completing his sentence that he's become a laughingstock of the immortal world.

Even his best friend, Aethelstan better known as Alex Blackstone, celebrity chef despises Darius -- though Aethelstan knows him as his business partner Andrew Vari, and doesn't realize the Vari persona is part of Darius's punishment from the Fates. Darius gets to inhabit his gorgeous, Olympic champion body for two weeks out of every year, and while out of character Andrew Vari -- think Andvari, the dour, ugly troll from Norse mythology he meets a plucky ex-triathlete, Ariel Summers.

Ariel has blown out her shoulder with a rotator cuff injury, so her competition days are over. It's a bummer, to put it mildly. One thing leads to another, and these two are completely smitten almost from the moment they meet, right near the start of the book.

This is a sweet romance with some smouldering in the background, excellent writing, and several effective secondary characters. There's just enough magic on the part of the immortals that it fits firmly in the paranormal genre, without requiring huge amounts of world building. These immortals are everyday people who just happen to have powers they use sometimes to great effect, but often with unexpected and unfortunate results. The attraction between Ariel and Darius, and the obstacles that come between them, are central to the story. Their characters are well drawn, with believable hang-ups and problems.

If I hadn't disciplined myself, I could easily have been glued to the screen of my laptop where my Kindle app resides until I'd finished the thing in one go! If you normally don't read paranormals, you may enjoy this one regardless. The magic is used mostly as backstory, comic relief, and evidence of the human frailty and silliness of the immortals.

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If you've ever read Bullfinch's Mythology, you'll recognize the trope, but if you haven't, don't let that stop you. Highly recommended! View 1 comment. Feb 10, Iola rated it really liked it Shelves: Kristine Grayson is one of many pen names of Kristine Kathryn Rusch. I have been interested in sampling some of her fiction, so was pleased when I found this in my local library, and even more pleased when I found it could count towards my Reading Challenge, as A Book With Magic.

Completely Smitten is the story of Darius, cursed by the Fates for mocking true love, forced to live in an ugly body until he unites one hundred pairs of soul mates. But the path of true love never did run smooth, and Darius has to use more than a little of his magic with Ariel. Recommended for those looking for an enjoyable general market romance with no inappropriate content. Jan 15, Anja marked it as to-read. Apr 02, Drucilla rated it did not like it Shelves: g.

The greek myth storyline was interesting, but not enough to save the book. I did like the world the author created, but it wasn't explained enough to suit me and since this was only the third book in the series, it should have been. I was probably most disappointed in Darius. He completely ignores the obvious and it's so frustrating.

I now better understand the world and fully recommend that you start at the beginning of this ser The greek myth storyline was interesting, but not enough to save the book.

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I now better understand the world and fully recommend that you start at the beginning of this series. DON'T read them out of order. It's very confusing and I think I would have enjoyed the third one more, had I read them in order. Sep 22, Mycala rated it it was ok. The third book in the series. Parts of it did get a bit wearisome, though. The Fates can be amusing, but pages and pages of dialogue among them when they can be so flighty and distracted and they never just answer the question is beyond tedious once you get to the third book.

But it was a cute, funny, very interesting story and I couldn't put it down. Actually the past two mornings I've gone into work tired. May 27, Katrina Patton rated it it was amazing Shelves: guilty-pleasures. One of the first, if not the very first, romance novels I ever read.

It's definitely not one of the hide-behind-book-covers types of romances. There are no sex scenes. It's just a sweet story a take on mythology and fairy tales if I remember correctly that has you smiling. Out of all the books in her series, this has always been my favorite. I love the characters and will go back to read it every once in a while : It really is a charming story.

If you want a light read, check this book out.

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Jul 01, Amy Keeley rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy-romance. Excellent modernized, fractured version of Beauty and the Beast. My favorite, so far, in the series.

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