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The Logic of Religion Jude P. The Logic of Religion presents an examination of the nature of religion from a philosophical perspective. The remainder of the volume is dedicated to the religions that Hegel discusses.

From Magic to Chinese religion, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and from the religion of the Egyptians and Judaism, to Greek and Roman polytheisms, Stewart takes the reader through the different levels of sophistication that Hegel saw in the religions of the world. One may wonder whether anything is new in this discussion.

The Logic of Hope: Extensions of Kant's View of Religion | brill

However, at the same time it informs us that Hegel read everything available to him at that time regarding the tradition he was about to analyze. This contradicts the common misconception that Hegel was not very well versed in the traditions he discusses.

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Belief and the Logic of Religious Commitment

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