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Talking about souls without fully defining them is partly playing safe, but it would seem to me Hickman defines soul as the essential person. In other words he is using that word to reassure us that this is not cloning. Those not reassured should perhaps read the issue more closely and less ideologically because comics are generally not ideology they are stories. But the reasoning for the clear taboo of copies is partly ideological. Two identical souls is a moral problem. Something that could cause division and ideological rifts.

Something that is bound to come up in the story at some point in the future. This story is partly a reaction against comic book deaths and duplicate characters. Ruling against duplication except when essential to the story is potentially a commentary on many of the comics we have seen in the last few years as comics turned in on themselves.

Originally Posted by Killerbee So here is the important things 1. Anima originated from Latin, and was originally used to describe ideas such as breath, soul, spirit or vital force 2. Direct quote from the book The first thing was copying the mind "the essence" "The anima" of any mutant found So that one day he could put the soul back into it mutant shell 3.

So if you accept them coming back as "originals" then you believe their essence can be put back in a body. Hickman is playing around a little with the concept of what is a soul imo.

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People have in their head your soul functionally is a ghost essence that leaves your that leaves your body when you die. Hickman, as I understand saying your soul, is your mind. If you believe in basically a spirit essence you might not think these are the original. If you believe the mind is your essence then this is the same person.

I will put it like this Cyclops body was dying and he created a husk and transfer his mind through a machine. You would say that is the original cyclops. If Cyclops transfer his mind to a machine that could hold it and his body died, They create an exact copy of his mind and instead of using the original put the copy in his body and revived it.

Is that Cyclops? All I can do is suggest watching Alter Carbon on Netflix that covers this concept in very interesting way.

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Last edited by WeaponX; at AM. As a natural immortal, I can confirm that I consider my digital duplicates to be my progeny, not extensions of myself. Originally Posted by Sapfiryt. What puzzles me more is readers' attitude. The characters change a lot depending on the author who writes them and still, they are considered, judged like they are the same person.

I liked Claremont's Xavier and Magneto. I don't like Hickman's. They have the same name, almost the same design, they are not the same persons. If I offended you, be assured that it wasn't my intention. English is not my first language. Originally Posted by Snoop Dogg.

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Originally Posted by Zelena. Based on Ben Reilly being cloned causing his soul to resurrect into his clone I tentatively assume that if the mutant is dead then their soul are likely to be restored to their copies and if they are not dead then there would be a new soul in the clone, I would still like someone like Dr Strange, Valkyrie, Dani or Illyana to confirm that they do get the originals soul. Originally Posted by Marvelman.

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There are a number of things that trouble me about the X-Men's ability to resurrect themselves. So much so I think the topic merits its own thread. But, let me focus on the thing that confuses and alarms me the most. What Professor X via Cerebro implants into an embryo is a "copy" of that mutants consciousness, or animus as it is called in House of X 5. But, it is not the original. For example, the consciousness of the Cyclops who died on Sol's Hammer ended when Cyclops died. The consciousness of Cyclops 2 is not contiguous with the consciousness of Cyclops 1.

So, what died on Sol's Hammer wasn't just a body but a unique consciousness as well. This was not a case of Cyclops' soul leaving his old body and migrating through space to possess a new one.